Instrument Repair Shop

At the K&S Music Repair Shop, our mission is to provide you with comprehensive maintenance, repair or restoration to address all of the needs of your instrument. Our qualified brass, woodwind and string technicians have been rigorously trained to evaluate your instrument in its entirety to ensure years of playing enjoyment. All repairs are performed in-house, as our shop is equipped with the latest tools, parts, equipment and technology. Many of our K&S technicians are also musicians, providing them with firsthand knowledge of how an instrument should sound, allowing for maximum playability. Our technicians will educate you on the value of the work and maintenance needed for your instrument, providing you with a trusting partnership that will further your playing abilities for the years to come.

Please feel free to contact our repair department with any questions, schedule a repair or obtain a free estimate.

Our shop can be reached at (908)790-0400.