FAQ's about K&S Music 's Rental Purchase Program

How does the rental program work?
Your rental starts out with a trial period and then goes monthly into a rental purchase program where you are accumulating money toward the purchase of the instrument.

What does my rental include concerning maintenance and repair?
There is a service charge included in the monthly fee that includes maintenance and repair for normal wear and tear.  

String Instrument Rentals (Violin, Viola and Cello and String Bass Rentals)

With the K&S rental program, stringed instruments can be exchanged with no additional charge. As your child grows, they will able to switch to the larger sizes along the way. The money accumulated will go toward a brand new full size stringed instrument. 

What kind of discounts do you have if I want to purchase my instrument?

If you purchase your instrument during the first year of rental K&S Music offers a 50% discount off the unpaid balance and 25% thereafter. 

How do I return my instrument

If your child attends one of the school systems we service, contact us directly regarding a pick up and authorization number to be picked up at school. Instrument are not to be left at school without authorization. You also may return the instrument directly to K&S Music in Berkeley Heights. If you have rented from one of our affiliate stores, you can return the instrument directly to them and must retain a receipt.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact [email protected]